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Welcome to the websites of plastic products manufacturer using the technology of rotary moulding also known as ROTOMOLDING.

With the use of this technology the following products are possible to manufacture:

  • fuel tanks and other tanks
  • floaters
  • wings
  • bumpers
  • air induction canals
  • pipes
  • road sings
  • others

Material used:

Most frequently used materials are PE, PP, PA.

Most of the materials are temperature and vibration resistant, they are chemically stable against current fuels and hydraulic oils. The products are fully recyclable and they do not harm the environment. The material can be coloured according to the customer´s requirements.

This technology is favourable even in small amounts of production. Especially the production of steel forms is not used any more. The form production takes approximately 4-8 weeks, and the price is a third lower in comparison with any other technology.

Our primary task is to deliver products in terms and quality required. Regarding our minimum overhead costs and the will to work, flexibility is the most important, and we do our best to finish your orders successfully.

We are ready to realise your ideas and to transform your concepts into particular plastic parts. We will help you with the product design, provide the model production and manufacture the form.

With the use of our machines we are able to manufacture plastic parts of the length of 2800mm and the calibre of 1800mm.

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